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Money doesn't grow on trees

"Money doesn't grow on trees"

You might hear this phrase a million times in your lifetime. But how many times have you taken the time to truly understand what was being stated?

The phrase actually conveys a concept more so than a literal translation because, in fact, money DOES grow on trees.

First off, money is literally made of wood/paper and cotton; i.e. trees.

Secondly, actual money trees are a very real thing, too. Check your local plant nursery for you very own money tree.

FYI: Most nail salons owned by "crazy, rich" Asians have a money tree in their shop.

Thirdly, there is NO lack of money because banks make money, literally. Contrary to popular belief, banks are not circulating deposits. They print money daily.

The very wrong statement "money don't grow on trees" is generally made in an attempt to warn the listener about the perils of overspending. A righteous cause. But what if we constantly told ourselves (our children) "money does grow on trees you know?"

How would that change the dynamic of our financial lives?

The mental shift from "not enough" to "more than enough" is a real game changer.

The journey from a scarcity mentality to a wealthy mindset takes PATIENCE.

Teaching future generations to be careful with money is honorable but it is does NOT foster the wealthy mindsets they need to close/lessen the huge wealth gap of our times.

Banks ARE creating money. They are NOT using deposits to lend, they have a money tree and you can too. YOU can create money too.

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