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A balance between the big 3s.

Hi Financial Freedom Seekers!

Missed me? Missed you, too. But the time off was so worth it. I spent first half of June with my brand new granddaughter, the second half in Roma, Italia & Katakolon, Santorini, Mykonos and Athens, Greece. Mind-blowing!! July has been brimming with celebrations, a serious retrograde and TWO full moons, oh em gee!

But today (last day of the Mercury Retrograde) is the PERFECT day to BLOG about how much we really need to live the lifestyle we choose. Most of us (hopefully) already know that a million (USD) is not going to “cut it” anymore, especially if you are a family and you live in a city where a 1-bedroom apartment can rent for $2,300.00 per month.

So, how much do we really need to live the lifestyle we choose in today’s world?

I have a viable formula to offer you: FG + E = I

FG = Financial Goals / E = Expenses / I = Income

Income = yearly amount to live the lifestyle we choose in today’s world.

You can use this amount in your daily mantras. The Universe responds quicker to specificity. Make a list of your financial goals, then Google the actual costs of each goal and add them up. One by one. Enjoy the process. Take your time. This is also an exercise in FEELING what it will be like to shop for your dreams. Then add your expenses (annually). Add that number to the total cost of all your financial goals.

That final number is your future income.

Gratitude will get you there. Gratitude swallows fear. Be thankful for what you have now. Literally, say thank you. Right now. Say thank you for everything you see, hear, think, feel, touch, smell and intuit. Above all, be thankful for LOVE. <3 is key

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